Customer satisfaction introduction

With economy opening up in this sectorcompetition has increased manifold.

Customer satisfaction introduction

With economy opening up in this sectorcompetition has increased manifold. The entry of private companies promoted the use of cellular phones in the country. Brutal competitionadvancement in technology and reduced tariff have propelled the growth of mobile services in India.

Customer satisfaction introduction

In the last five yearsthe industry has made tremendous growth in terms of subscriber base. Today cell phones have become indispensable for people and moved beyond their fundamental role of communication.

They have become a major source for banking, acquiring informationshoppingentertainment, gamingtelevision, use of GPS for drive guidance services, gamingsocial networking, media like use of applications like WhatsappFacebookTwitter, Linkedin etc.

Since the Indian mobile service provider market is now over crowded by a number of service providerscustomers have many choices. Nowadays, customers have become smarter and consider various factors before choosing mobile service providers. Customers are taking up mobile services as they buy daily consumable items as soap, detergentsoilvegetables etc and also due to portability they also change the service operatorpresently available within state only.

There are a number of service operators in the market who are trying hard to improve and increase their market share since a fierce competition exists in the market. What a customer perceives, affects their judgment and later customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

If the performance is falls short of expectations, the customer is dissatisfied. If it matches expectations, the customer is satisfied. If it exceeds, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted.

He says that customer satisfaction is a key to his retention, ie, a satisfied customer generally stays loyal longer, buys more as the as the company introduces new and upgraded products.

In view of aspects enumerated aboveit is imperative for service providers to conduct research and studies in the areas of understanding factors which influence and affect customer satisfaction and loyalty. These factors can be related to service qualityservice featurestechnology used and reliabilty of networks and their connectivity speed, clarity with respect to internet usage.

Also clarity of usage based on demographic pattern and preferences gives an insight to the mobile service providers on factors affecting the same. Alsomobile portability is a threat to mobile service providers ,ie, in case they are unable to provide their customers what they promisethe customers are free to change and move to another.

Hence, clarity of all these factors affecting demographic preferences like choice of mobile service providers based on factors satisfying different customers, customer satisfaction and loyalty gives mobile service providers an insight into to positive and negative aspects of their service and helps them to devise strategies to capitalize on success or counter the failure.

This survey and study work will help mobile service providers to gain an insight into all these factors and improve their marketing strategies moving from acquiring customers to satisfying them with services to finally making a customer valuable by turning them loyal. Also factors of service quality which lead to satisfaction further leading to customer retention has been identified in case of consumers in Bangalore.

With high usage at an optimum level, analysts are expecting the saturation point to be reached soon Sidhu, When the number of subscribers reaches its transmission point, creating and securing new customers is not only complex, but also costly in terms of marketing.

For service firms, such as mobile phone service providers, the challenge is to identify the critical factors that determine customer satisfaction and loyalty McDougall and Levesque, Perception is an opinion of something viewed and assessed by a person.

Customer satisfaction introduction

It might vary from person to person, as everyone has different beliefs towards certain services and products Bitner et al.CRGC Customer Satisfaction Survey - Introduction Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey.

Providing excellent customer service is a top priority of the Columbia River Gorge Commission.

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Customer satisfaction is a part of customers experience that exposes a suppliers behavior on customers expectation. It also depends on how efficiently it . How to Write a Proper Survey Introduction. Posted by FluidSurveys Team August 2, Categories Can you give me tips in ensuring that when they ask the questions, they do not lead the customer into saying something that would introduce bias in the response?

Customer Satisfaction; Employee Surveys; Questionnaire Examples; Qualitative vs. INTRODUCTION Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction, a term frequently used in marketing, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation.

Customer satisfaction is defined as "the number of. introduction to customer satisfaction Whether the buyer is satisfied after purchase depend on the offers performance in relation to the buyer expectation.

In general satisfaction is a person's feelings of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a products perceived performance relation to /5(7). Customer satisfaction (often abbreviated as CSAT, more correctly CSat) is a term frequently used in marketing. It is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation.

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