How to move a pdc or a bdc to a new domain

You will find there two AD preparation tools: Warning if you followed previous steps of this article, all of your DCs have SP4 installed or you have no DCs at all. You can continue by pressing C letter on a keyboard and wait until AD preparation tool will finish its actions. If not, you would be able to do that any time in the future.

How to move a pdc or a bdc to a new domain

October 23, by Dishan M. Francis 20 Comments Windows server was released for public GA on mid oct Its exciting time as businesses are already working on migrating their services in to new windows server infrastructures. In this post, I am going to explain how you can migrate from active directory running on windows server R2 to windows server active directory.

The same steps are valid for migrating from windows serverwindows server R2 and windows server I setup windows server and already added to the existing domain.

Current domain and forest functional level of the domain is windows server R2. Install Active Directory on windows server 1.

Log in to windows server as domain administrator or enterprise administrator 2. Then click on Add Roles and Features 5. It will open up the wizard, click next to continue 6.

In next window keep the default and click next 7. Roles will be installed on same server, so leave the default selection and click next to continue 8. Under the server roles tick on Active Directory Domain Services, then it will prompt with the features needs for the role.

Click on add features. Then click next to proceed 9. On the features windows keep the default and click next In next window, it will give brief description about AD DS, click next to proceed Then in next window it will give brief description about configuration and click on install to start the role installation process.

Once installation completed, click on promote this server to a domain controller option It will open up the Active Directory Domain Service configuration wizard, leave the option Add a domain controller to existing domain selected and click next.

In next window define a DSRM password and click next In next window click on next to proceed In next windows, it asks from where to replicate domain information.

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You can select the specific server or leave it default. Once done click next to proceed. You can change the paths or leave default. In demo, I will keep default and click next to continue In next windows, it will explain about preparation options.

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Since this is first windows server AD on the domain it will run forest and domain preparation task as part of the configuration process. Click next to proceed. In next window, it will list down the options we selected.

Then it will run prerequisite check, if all good click on install to start the configuration process.May 07,  · Promoting Backup Domain Controller (BDC) to a Primary Domain Controller (PDC) Popular Topics in Active Directory & GPO. Think you've mastered IT?

How to move a pdc or a bdc to a new domain

Try the Challenge» The AD integrated zone is replicating but how do I get the Primary zone to the new "PDC"? May 07,  · Let's say I have two domain controllers on my network (windows ), a Prmary (PDC) and a Backup (BDC).

How to move a pdc or a bdc to a new domain

Would I be able to promote the BDC to a PDC if the PDC is not availble because of some kind of failure? It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page.

Active Directory Forest and Domain Design Active Directory Forest.


Forest is a complete instance of Active Directory. Each forest acts as a top-level container in that it houses all domain containers for that particular Active Directory instance.

The moved server appears under its site in Active Directory Sites and Services. Specifying a Licensing Server. A licensing computer collects information from within the site for use by the Windows Server licensing administration tool.

To help us later, we need to do one step to make #3 possible. That MMC add-in is not available, by default. To make it available, run the following command (on the new, proposed, primary domain controller, for example): regsvrexe This will pop up a confirmation message.

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