How to write automated test scripts in qtp framework

A framework is a combination of predefined process and components that can be used to write actual automation scripts. These object will have to be stored and retrieved in an efficient manner and used in automation scripts.

How to write automated test scripts in qtp framework

Reading List Frequently during the early stages of test automation project consulting I am asked for estimates around automation implementation.

What is the framework? Can they be separated? At least here I can say for sure — there is no ambiguity. But in the IT world the word framework is so frequently used, that even when speaking about automated testing only it has different meaning depending on the context.

Pic 1 —different frameworks examples Tool specific frameworks Commercial automation tool vendors or open source communities frequently develop a whole infrastructure around their tools that allow generating reports, running test suites, distributed test execution, working with test execution environments.

But there are also a number of additional coding libraries, and a record-playback tool Selenuium IDE. All of those together form the Selenium test automation framework.

Project specific frameworks These frameworks are developed to implement automation during specific application development — to support specific application test automation requirements. Components of such frameworks can be constructed out of other open source libraries to form a specific environment around the SUT to support some or all of the following functions: Deployment of the built application along with its components such as database, services, backend to an environment; Starting the application; Reporting test run results directly into a test management system; Control wrappers to support easier coding of automation using specific controls grids, custom controlsetc.

Another important component to be considered is a harness to support running the test cases on different cloud environments to allow variability of supported OSs and browsers.

Those can be home grown or parts of tool frameworks. Best practices frameworks Framework is so nice word that when you say it — it makes an impression. The same goes for in-house automation built frameworks — they can contain both components for test automation along with approaches, describing how to automate something in the best possible way.

This is what test automation experts including me show to their customers willing to start test automation for the first time or to understand what is going on their current automation project.

how to write automated test scripts in qtp framework

Keyword driven frameworks One more important framework family to mention. Those are tool specific or project specific frameworks and target less coding experienced staff — to enable them write and support automation scripts. The coded keywords like Login, Click, NavigateToPage, TypeText are implemented somewhere in a codebase behind the scenes as a keyword repository.

The keyword reference is provided to a tester so they can write scripts directly in a spreadsheet. Then these spreadsheets are fed to some keyword interpreter and a specific implementation from a repository is called to execute the test.

Test automation solution I prefer to call test scripts along with all the underlying frameworks for a specific project a test automation solution. And it includes test scripts.

So when giving estimates — I prefer to speak about test automation solutions. So where is the boundary? Implementing test automation is always a significant investment. It is important to understand and clarify the return on investment as early as possible, otherwise the project can be just canceled.

Yes, there are occasions when you need to develop a specific test harness which takes time. As long as you decrease the testing budget or at least expect to and deliver maintainable automated scripts — your budget owner is happy.

Structuring the code into independent layers and forming Page Objects does not take much of the time but brings great maintainability for the final solution.

how to write automated test scripts in qtp framework

Another important area to speak about is keyword driven frameworks. I personally consider such approach to be a bad practice. First of all, development within a spreadsheet is too error prone. Any mistype could cause a problem which is hard to debug.

And you never can estimate how many keywords you need to develop upfront before specific tests so they are sufficient for test scripts afterwards.

Automation tools

One approach Let me describe my own approach to planning a test automation solutions. What are the customer expectations from introducing test automation?Example: Quality center is the Test Management tool which in turn it will invoke QTP for execution of automation scripts.

Scripts can be executed in a single machine or a group of machines. The execution can be done during the night, to save time. Write the scripts based on the Test Case In this tutorial, we will develop a data-driven framework design for a sample test case by using Excel as an external source for the Test data.

Step1) Prepare the Test Case for the Application under Test. 3) Write your testing scripts according to the approach you chose Note. QTP Repository way or Descriptive Programming belong to GUI recognition part of front-end functional test automation.

An automation framework for Quality Center (QC) - QuickTest Professional integration After creating manual test case, you can generate a test script skeleton in which you can write scripts to run the test as an automated test.

2. To generate an automated test script: 3. In the test plan tree, choose the manual test that you want to automate. How to Develop Test Scripts Using Top 5 Most Popular Test Automation Frameworks (Examples) Last Updated: June 7, When you begin to learn about test automation, you must come across the term “test automation framework”.

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