Job satisfaction and employee motivation essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Methodology Research gap A large part of the success in the industrial and managerial sector worldwide was due to the large amount of researches that always study the work environment trying to improve the weak conditions in order to reach the ultimate level of performance together with the finest and biggest amount of productivity whether locally or globally. The research problem and gap in the study is that researchers have done a lot of studies to test the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment in many countries but it has not been done before in Egypt.

Job satisfaction and employee motivation essay

Job satisfaction and employee motivation essay

Employee Motivation Job Satisfaction Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction There is great interest in understanding the phenomenon of satisfaction or dissatisfaction at work. Spector, However, it paradoxically, despite the dramatic proliferation of scientific literature on the job satisfaction, can not speak, however, a parallel progress in investigations, as the progress made?

For Parsons ; this interest due to several reasons, which are related to the historical development of theories of Organization, which have undergone changes over time? Once satisfaction is reached, this multiplied by far their efforts and put more effort and dedication to the work.

Cennamo and Gardner, There are many agents that generate job satisfaction or dissatisfaction which can be classified into two broad groups: Spector, The former are based on the basis of the most important needs of the individual, related to interest in work, stimulation moral hierarchy opportunities, working conditionscommunication, scheduling, among others, and the latter are those factors that influence companies to each other, i.

Wright, Successful businesses and financially "healthy" people are mostly very selfless, motivated and satisfied with the Job satisfaction and employee motivation essay done.

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Spector, However the companies that are inefficient and are financially "sick" are saturated with staff dissatisfied and very few motivations for the work awaiting opportunities to leave the organization. Walker and Miller, Another important factor, and that most managers often do not have in mind is that people work because they have a set of needs of various kinds that can be met by the employment relationship, that is, working primarily for living or financially support a family.

Tietjen and Myers, Discussion What an individual does the efforts and sacrifices that come to make the effort to achieve a goal, so far is able to demand more of employee, depends primarily on the motives which impel them to act and these motivations have their needs based on the experiences and possibilities to satisfy through their employment relationship.

The power behind self-esteem generates the confidence and creativity needed. Always keep in mind that man is the main source to achieve: Growth, Utility and sustainability. Furnham, They also can be transmitted to others in the external environment that surroundings, indirectly influencing negatively or positively.

That is, if what is promised is what you get, and if indeed this is what you need.

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Parsons, Through the use of a mathematical model based on the collection of information using techniques such as brainstorming and survey the results are qualitative and quantitative degree of satisfaction of internal customers, which allows then to compare with previous periods and know their evolution or involution.

Wright, The purpose of the use of brainstorming is to locate the fundamental requirements of internal customers for the organization to which they belong.

Tietjen and Myers, It is essential to know these requirements, providing a better understanding of how internal customers identify with the organization and attitudes generated by the relation employee - employer, and therefore make the necessary changes to achieve improvement. Furnham, The methods used are fundamentally empirical, among which are: Wright, The interview to ensure interaction researcher respondent allowing knowing the factors and most important views that are affecting the internal customer, Brown et al.

Job satisfaction and employee motivation essay

Tietjen and Myers, No longer present theoretical methods such as historical and logical to study the experience in years of the organization, and analysis and synthesis that allows the decomposition of the problem mentally into parts for analysis and then integrate, discover relationships and general characteristics of the elements analyzed.

Furnham, Individuals with high need for power have to be in charge, they struggle to influence others, they prefer to be in competitive situations, position, also are more interested in prestige as to gain influence over others in effective performance.

Farther downstream between the desired and what was found less satisfaction. Wright, In addition to all this is very common to hear a psychologist, a professional in the area, speaking in organizations on motivation and job satisfaction, which are important links in human behavior.

Tietjen and Myers, All managers face a huge challenge: To maintain the commitment and effort, organizations must fully appreciate the cooperation of its members, establishing mechanisms to have a workforce sufficiently motivated to perform efficiently, effectively, leading to the achievement of the objectives, goals organization, while striving to meet the expectations and aspirations of its employees.

Furnham, Such assumptions automatically lead to address the issue of motivation as important elements to generate, maintain, modify or change attitudes like behavior in the desired direction.

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Spector, Theory of Needs According to the theory of needs, a person is motivated when they have not yet reached a certain degree of satisfaction in your life. Wright, This theory relates to what they need or require people to lead fulfilling lives, particularly in relation to their work.

Tietjen and Myers, There are various theories of needs, which differ in terms of degrees and the point where, in….- Motivation and Productivity Related to Job Satisfaction Abstract The relationship between job satisfaction, motivation, and efficiency or productivity is very important in the business industry as well as in personal life.

Free Essay: Introduction and Objectives This research proposal will be about employee motivation and satisfaction that will be conducted at the Customer.

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Increasing employee participation will have a positive effect on employee's job satisfaction, employee commitment and employee productivity. Naturally increasing employee participation is a long-term process, which demands both attention from management side and initiative from the employee The relationship between employee motivation and job satisfaction has indicated that numerous variables of a personal, job and organizational nature influence the level of motivation and job satisfaction that employees experience in the workplace.

· analyze the effects of job satisfaction and motivation on employee performance. Data processing techniques used are Microsoft Excel for Windows, Statisical Social Package for Science (SPSS) for windows ver.  · A Study of Employee's Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Limited).

Introduction In this aggressive world of business, to be profitable organization is important for the development of the business but also for the survival of the

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