The road to hell case questions

Campaign signs behind a fence by a state road intersection are the focus of a civil liberties lawsuit The ACLU, the independent political organization Dunleavy for Alaska, and Eric Siebels, a Palmer resident with a big sign supporting Dunleavy, said the state transportation department should only be allowed to remove political signs that are dangerous for drivers. Otherwise, they said, state law banning signs on or near the public right of way is a violation of the U. Superior Court Judge Herman Walker had sharp questions for both sides in the case. In their complaint, ACLU Alaska and the other plaintiffs asked for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction against the sign law — two closely related pre-trial orders.

The road to hell case questions

In the case it is mentioned that John Baker is an English expatriate, so we assume that he is white, possibly born in Canada. His four years as a student at London University made him especially sensitive to political, racial and equality issues involving relations between his culture and western influence.

The last meeting between two case characters ended up in a disaster. Diagnosis This case is one of many examples of how people from different cultures and backgrounds do not take diversity into consideration. They evaluate and measure each other by their own scales and perceptions, which often lead to serious misunderstanding and conflicts.

However, he still made a mistake building his interview from his own European perspective. Through the interview, Baker emphasized several times the importance and leading position of European staff in the company. In the effort to teach Rennalls to better cooperate with this leadership, Baker even offered a historical example.

He put European culture on a pedestal of years of development and left Barrac ani a at the bottom of the human history. In our opinion, Baker is a racist, even though he would be stunned by this conclusion.

Unintentional and unconscious motivations for behavior are as powerful as intentional and conscious behavior. We will offer a theory to support this diagnosis.

Baker was not intentionally behaving as a racist, but an old saying rings true: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

John Baker, when viewed from the perspective of the critical race theory CRTis a racist. Matthew Rennalls was correct in his assessment of the interview between Baker and Rennalls, and the resignation of Rennalls was completely understandable when viewed from the perspective of CRT.

Most white Americans, including myself, are accustomed to viewing race relations as a civil rights issue. One of our Discussion Boards features a question about employees who might be reluctant to fly or work in tall buildings, and the discussion almost immediately turned to contracts, lawyers, and possible firings or resignations.

Actually reading about those laws and knowing of their existence were comforting for me when coming to this country and actually living for six years. I always felt protected against any mistreatment based on my race or a slightly darker color of skin. However, as we learn from this case, racism can come in many forms and shapes that cannot always be covered by law.

That is why we want to examine the actions of Baker and Rennall from a perspective other than the dominant, white, legalistic approach.Description. This case starts simple and becomes complex in nature as you get closer to the end of Matthew’s interview. John Baker an Englishman is the chief engineer of the Caribbean Bauxite Corporation of Barracania in the West Indies.

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Case Summary. The case “Road to Hell” by Gareth Evans is a story that involved two characters with different backgrounds, personalities and points of view. John Baker, an English expatriate, is a successful western chief engineer in the Caribbean Bauxite Company of Barracania.3/5(2).

The road to hell case questions

The Road to Hell Barracania Rennalls young engineer This case was prepared by Gareth Evans The story is about the conflict between John Baker (English expatriate) and Matthew Rennalls (Barracanian) Questions for reviewing Cultural Dimensions We believe this to be the main indirect source of the conflict between Baker and Rennalls.

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What, then, about the road to Sithdom? The man once known as Darth Revan might think so. The Road to Hell: The Case for Revan’s Rebellion. The Road to Hell: The Case for Revan’s Rebellion By Matt Staggs. November 10, SHARE.

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