Upenn supplement essay

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Upenn supplement essay

June 14, But I have no false pretenses: From the classic verdant green of the San Pellegrino bottle to the hip black and white photographs taken by actual consumers that adorn Jones sodas, I know and love them all.

That said, my current favorite art piece is a bottle of Voss, an intimidatingly professional cylinder of artesian water resembling a hydraulic messengering system canister. Branding, which permeates the life of a teenager, is nowhere more obvious than within these volumes.

My senior research project is a study on fonts Serif versus Sans Serif typefaces and their Upenn supplement essay in evoking moods and communicating beyond textapplicable to the branding and slogans of ads. In addition to fonts, I have begun analyzing other qualities of ads, discerning the artistic choices that make a Chloe or a Marc Jacobs ad instantly recognizable the former: Attending Camp Impact at LeBow College of Business expanded my understanding of marketing choices to include production, distribution, and pricing.

By altering simple variables and numbers in the PharmaSim market simulation—adding more coupons, offering a wholesale discount—I saw how the net profits and stock prices were influenced by issues outside of aesthetic design.

What I like about Penn is the practical, learn-by-doing approach promoted by founder Ben Franklin, having initially applied it in my self study of liquid containers and ads.

Upenn supplement essay

I look forward to classes like MGMT, which seem daunting at first — a team of 18 year olds organizing an entire community event sans adult directives?!

MGMT is just one class of many at Wharton that develops teamwork and leadership skills in knowledgeable students, skills necessary for future business leaders. Penn also offers me, through research opportunities like CURF and the Weiss Tech House, the chance to explore the full interdisciplinary implications of my interest in typefaces, Serif and Sans Serif, or the impact of ad design on buying decisions and branding.

This environment at Penn, that emphasizes real world applications and interaction among peers, while promoting individual responsibility and initiative, fits my learning approach. At Penn, I hope to explore beyond my initial aesthetic interest, beyond what marketing encompasses, to other realms of business and other areas of study.

The chance to study abroad places these tensions of globalization in a more tangible context. Learning alongside international business students, we can build our knowledge on top of each other, to create solutions for future arising problems.

In this way, I can further contribute to the diversity that Penn offers, in my ambitions to develop myself as a well-rounded, multilingual leader. Marketing is a field that encompasses everything from economics and art to politics and psychology, and Penn, where a liberal arts education is juxtaposed with experience-based training in business, is the perfect place to study just how much of an impact a sleek container, a slight change in price, a different distribution channel can really make on the world economy.

I have always been interested in aesthetics because of my desire to see beauty, whether in an attractive Polo ad that instantly connotes class, or on the novel labels on Jones Soda bottles that give the hipster consumer the illusion of participation, or simply in the combination of rigid and flexible lines in Helvetica font.

At Wharton, I can nurture this interest in marketing and expand it to areas within and beyond business. Here, I can become part of a community that grows through teamwork.

Here, I can become a business leader.

Upenn supplement essay

And here, I can proudly display my amateur exhibition of fine water bottles, without worrying about their disposal. Check out another example of how to answer Why Penn here. Are you ready for your exams? Looking for practice questions?

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