Why we should not fight the mexicans

Trump realDonaldTrump February 12, Trump pushed back against criticism of the crackdown which as reported last night spread "panic" among the Hispanic community after people were arrested in six counties around Los Angeles alone of whom at least had criminal histories. Meanwhile, immigration officials said the raids were routine, and that Trump wasn't behind them.

Why we should not fight the mexicans

Fighting with them will set a burden on us as well as on them. We are fighting with them for the say reason; England was fighting with us. In some way you could call this being hypocritical.

Annexing Texas was the dumbest mistake we ever made; it will upset our balance of beliefs. Even though Mexico is our adversary, so was England, what if one day we want to trade with Mexico.

Do you think that they would want to trade with us? We are treating them as if they belong to us; they are there own country. We are forcing them to give us something that is rightfully theirs. Mexico is a weak country and we are a strong country.

Mexicans belong in Mexico – that's why they are called Mexicans

For example, in the Revolutionary War the odds were against us, the British were strong and we were weak. They came into our territory thinking they could push us over, but it turned out just the opposite.

The same thing could happen here, they outnumber us by far, but yet we are better skilled and trained. But they have the same chance of winning as we do. If we win, what will become of us? Will we turn into a greedy anarchy just as England, acting as a authoritarian that will make War with anyone who steps in our way.

Should We Invade Mexico?

Instead of conquering we need to focus on the things that we need most, like working on giving our less fortunate children a better education, and fix up the working conditions.

The annexation of Texas is the dumbest decision congress has ever made. Sooner or later the issue over whether it should be a free state or slave with come up. We have a balance of thirteen free states and thirteen slave, and adding Texas in there will upset the balance. For if today Texas be acquired to strengthen one part of the confederacy, tomorrow Canada may be required to add strength to another.

Why we should not fight the mexicans

Which means that Texas could cause controversy within the US. As of now slavery cannot be mentioned in Congress without men arguing, and starting a fight. War will kill any future trade with Mexico.

One day we are going to want something the Mexicans have. Such as fruit, gold, or other raw materials, that we may want.

Why we should not fight the mexicans

Most likely they will not want to give it to us. Are we going to fight with them over that? They have every right to not trade with us. We show up in their country bullying them around.

In the end, we might go to war, we will force them to sell their land that they acquired form their own revolution. Not only will it cause internal trouble for use. It will weaken our already weak relationship between Mexico and us.“We should be very clear that we won’t buy not one ton of corn from the U.S.,” he said.

“The whole Corn Belt voted for Trump, and we bought $ billion of . Should illegal immigrants be deported? 71% Say Yes 29% Say No Should the United States intervene to fight poaching overseas? Should there be more independent or 3rd party governors, congressmen and senators?

I mean we are all the same people, so we should NOT act as though each country is populated with Aliens. An Oct.

survey of 1, Mexicans by polling firm Consulta Mitofsky showed that percent were in favor of helping or protecting the migrants, while percent took the opposite view, believing that they should return home.

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“We should be very clear that we won’t buy not one ton of corn from the U.S.,” he said. “The whole Corn Belt voted for Trump, and we bought $ billion of corn last year. Let’s stop it.”. We should work with our partners to create a safe, credible and efficient process for potential migrants to have their humanitarian claims adjudicated in their home countries or within the region.

It is causing problems in the United States and we should intervene. Take down the z and get rid of them. Then get rid of this el chapo. Then we should intervene by fixing the justice system and not tolerate their stupid shenanigans. Allow the death penalty in Mexico and take justice.

Then we should strengthen our borders.

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