Writing a proposal for a workshop

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Writing a proposal for a workshop

Remember that in some course catalogs the course name may be part of a list for a potential student to choose from so it needs to reflect the course or workshop content. Limit your title to between characters.

Course or Workshop Description As the course description sets student expectations it is really important to accurately depict what you plan to teach.

writing a proposal for a workshop

As the description is a marketing tool, it needs to be compelling. What can a student expect to learn? How will they benefit from taking the course or workshop? What makes this course or workshop unique over other similar courses or workshops?

Limit your description to about words. Course Outline A course outline breaks down what will be covered in each session. A course outline is required for a course proposal something you will teach over multiple sessions but not a workshop proposal.

Writing a proposal for a workshop course outline can also include a description of assignments and evaluation if the course will have exams, quizzes or other forms of student evaluation.

For a more detailed article on the contents of a typical course outline, see Writing a Good Course Outline. Your Name and Contact Information As the proposal may be sent in by mail, email or dropped off, it is important to include how to contact you after the educational program manager has had a chance to review your proposal.

Your Instructor Bio Your bio is a short approximately words description of your relevant experience — especially any teaching experience or industry experience related to the course content. The bio is used to sell the potential student on your expertise and ability to teach the course.

Supplies Required Include a list of the supplies you will need e. If your course teaches something that requires specific art supplies or materials, list them in this section.

Include a note if you expect students to supply anything as that is often included in a course description in a course catalog. AV Requirements If you require a computer, projector, screen, speakers, microphone s or other audio visual equipment, list it in this section of the course or workshop proposal.

Room Set-up Requirements If you require the training room set up to allow for specific activities, provide details in this section. If students will require a surface to write on, then request tables. If you expect students to move around and interact best practice then allow for enough space for this kind of movement.

Student Minimums and Maximums and Expected Course Fee This may need to be set by the educational program manager but you can let them know what you would like the maximum number of participants to be.

writing a proposal for a workshop

Expected Salary or Payment Arrangement There are many ways to structure and negotiate payment. The obvious disadvantage to a flat fee or hourly rate is that you could have 8 or 20 students and your earnings would be the same.

Whichever payment arrangement you would like to propose, make sure that the math makes sense. To calculate what your fee could be: For a more detailed discussion of the options for calculating trainer fees, refer to the article: Student Profile Describe the ideal student for this course or workshop.

What is their educational or experience level? What other demographics do you expect this will attract? Adults of a certain age? Are you aware of an industry magazine, blog, website or newsletter that could include a blurb about your upcoming course offering?

List these possible marketing avenues in this section. Your Resume If your bio is a good description of your background, including a resume is optional.

If your resume lends more credibility to your industry experience though, it is a good idea to include it with the proposal.

Sharing your expertise with a group of eager students can be highly rewarding. And often, educational program managers and conference planners are looking for new and interesting courses and workshops to add to their roster. It can be a win-win opportunity to submit a workshop or course proposal and offer your expertise to new students.

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A successful workshop proposal is both concise and comprehensive. A standard proposal will have several key elements. These include the workshop title, summary, syllabus and objectives, as well as your relevant biography information. About this workshop (2 days) Customer-focused proposals can help win new business and secure additional contracts.

As such, the ability to craft winning proposals is a critically important skill for many business professionals. proposal (attach summary to email transmitting your Workshop Proposal). Workshop Instructor is generally paid for teaching.

Workshop Committee may impose a minimum enrollment and reserves the right to cancel a workshop. Grant Writing Courses Proposal Writing Short Course (The Foundation Center) Basic Elements of Grants Writing (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) Getting Started: The Concept Paper.

The most universal advice on writing a successful grant proposal is to present a well written, focused solution to a problem in a logical progression.

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